My name is Eloisa and I am currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in the western highlands of Guatemala. I serve in the Healthy Schools Program which is a national program created by the Ministry of Education with the Ministry of Health. My role is to provide teachers with inservice trainings about health and well-being. Our collective aim is to better the health of children and raise their awareness about what it means to be healthy. There are a broad number of topics that we teach such as personal hygiene, nutrition, non-bullying, school gardens, leadership/personal empowerment, physical activity, and well-being.

My educational and work background are in the areas of cross cultural counseling, health services, and visual art. My background has prepared me for my current work theoretically but I’m still trying to figure it out in practical terms. Outside of my primary work, I teach English classes twice a week. Plus, I have found ways to share well-being modalities that I use in my own practice, such as Mindfulness and the Emotional Freedom Technique. I have even taught Reiki to a few groups that had been wanting to learn for some time (that was a surprise).

Guatemala has been like coming home and every day has been a gift of life to my weary soul, resuscitating me on the deepest levels of my being. DSC00866.JPG

I enjoy the support from the Peace Corps staff, other PCVs, my family in the states, and my friends and colleagues here in Guatemala. If you, too, are interested in joining the Peace Corps, check it out! https://www.peacecorps.gov/

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