U.S. Vacation

I ended my Peace Corps service two months ago, but there are a few posts that I want to add to this collection of Peace Corps blog posts before I end writing about this chapter of my life. So many things–big, transformational things–happened during my last few months of service that deserve recognition and explanation. I’m not even sure how many people have read my blog posts, but even if this is just for myself and my grandchildren, I want it documented. So let me go back in time beginning with June, 2018, when I took my first vacation to the U.S. to visit my family in New York and California….

People kept saying that I might experience culture shock in NYC but it was actually a very easy return for me. I sensed nothing but exhilarating joy to see my daughter’s family, my son & daughter-in-law, and my brother in New York. We spent a few days in the Catskills, having a picture perfect family gathering. We swam in the pool, walked to see the waterfalls, nearby, and shot off fireworks in the large backyard. It was an idyllic gathering that I will always remember.


Family fun in the Catskills.



After the fun of New York, I left for California to visit more family and friends. Below is Endy, my life-saver friend who showed me around L.A. (we had a blast); and the next photo is of some of my friends in San Diego during a patio party that my comadre and I hosted.

Below is a photo of my precious mother, Eva De Leon. I took some music CDs and DVDs for her of José José and Juan Gabriel. We are crazy about them and Mother would tell me lots of stories about their lives and their performances and songs.


Below:  Rosaria; Rosaria & Birla on the day that we went to do a water ceremony in the mountains.

I had nearly a three week vacation in the states but it was still not enough. I saw friends that I had not seen in ten years. I missed my family, I missed New York and California. I missed familiarity itself.

But returning to Guatemala was also lovely. In the next blog post I will give you highlights of our annual fair. I had been waiting a full year for it’s arrival. It was my favorite event and experience of my two years in Guatemala and when I return for a visit, it will be to visit the ferria again! So stay tuned for my next blog post.

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  1. I loved the photos of your family on the vacation! Ariel and Adrian look so much the same as the children I remember! XOXO

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