Dia de las Madres/Mother’s Day

The schools in our department (state) and probably throughout Guatemala, celebrate Dia de las Madres (Mother’s Day). I had received an invitation to attend the celebration at school that requires me to take a microbus and then a tuk tuk up a rocky dirt road up a mountain. I especially love going to this school because the land is beautiful, the students are friendly and the three teachers are super friendly. They put up with my unfortunate Spanish, what can I say?

The younger children are funny with me. Sometimes they run up to me and say hello and giggle all the while. Sometimes one child will push another towards me and then run away. The older girls giggle at me from a distance and the older boys don’t notice that I’m around.

But on this special occasion, there was a large audience of mothers to watch their children perform dances and to hear speeches by the teachers. The children that did not perform, attentively watched those who were on stage. Altogether it was a fun event.

Photo above, looking away from the school, towards the open field when the children play futbol.

Photo below is from the walk back to the main road.

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