Feria 2017 Pt III

On the last day of the Feria, August 15, the city celebrated the Feast of the Assumption. Actually this is a Catholic celebration and although a good portion of the population are not Catholic, but it seemed to blend in seamlessly with the Feria.

Two great processions filled the streets for this feast day. There was a huge wooden structure decorated with colored ribbons, small mirrors and hundreds of peacock feathers. Inside was a statue of the Virgin Mary. Behind that altar was a statue of Christ. The procession was led by priests, nuns, lay devotees and musicians. It wound in and out of streets and stopped traffic. It was wondrous.

Inside the cathedral, there were people in prayer each day.

But closer to the feast day, the church was prepared with flowers.

nl res carrying Mary.jpg

nl res in front of church

After carrying the altar for miles, it was taken to the church. The man in the front left of the above photo must’ve been looking at the palo voladores. Who could blame him (see below)?

nl res flying by.jpg

Once inside the church, people made a line to the altar to pray to Mary. The actual mass to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption was packed, far more than in the images below. Altogether it was a week to remember forever and one to look forward to again, next year.

nl res inside church 2

nl res inside church.jpg


  1. You must have loved this. The brilliant colors are so wonderful. Makes me feel my traditional wardrobe of neutral, professional clothes are rather drab! XOXO

  2. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your town’s ferria. Everything–the people, the children, the buildings and decorations–are so bright and colorful. A treat to share in the celebration! xoxo

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