Feria 2017 Pt II

The Feria crowns Princesses and Madrinas and other such luminaries. There were many events that I could not attend due to not knowing about them or because they took place after dark (curfew, ya know). But I did know about the two main parades that featured school children. Sabrina, my fellow PC mate, has a great view from her balcony as you can see below. The first photo is of the crowned women followed by many community leaders and then the schools.

nl res parade queens

nl res clem paola brenda.jpg

Above:  three of my work partners here in Guatemala at the beginning of the parade.

The two days of parade each lasted hours for the children that walked the miles of the route. Throughout the week there were other festivities in the main plaza as well as the costumed festival dancers.

nl res jubilation

nl res ferria dancer CU.jpg

nl res ferria buddies

And on the other side of town, a carnival area was set up on the old airfield strip. It was packed with rides for children and adults, food stands and three ferris wheels.









Above:  At the end of the long runway of rides I came across this family group sitting under the hot sun. I love the lady using a basket for shade. That’s what I would have done!

See you next, at Feria 2017 Part III.




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