San Francisco el Grande

[This one is for you, Mother!]

This series of photos begins with a snapshot taken on the balcony of the popular restaurant, Doña Luisa, which was created by two former Peace Corps Volunteers.


After the view from the balcony, I visited the ruins of a former church from the 1500’s, Iglesia San Francisco el Grande.


The enormous church grounds include two large gardens and church structures connected by hallways. The many stairs, hallways, circles and arches were overwhelmingly beautiful in spite of being in ruins.



I really wish that I had time to research this site so I could write about its history. I’d also like to share some of my thoughts about loving the architecture while simultaneously cringing over the thought of the conquest of the Americas. But I’m bone tired and must catch a bus at 6:30am (and every day is much the same) so photographs are what you get. I hope that you all enjoy them!



Aren’t these brick patterns beautiful?






For more info on this amazing site:








One comment

  1. These photographs are absolutely amazing! I LOVED the brick work on the ceiling of the church! WOW! You sound exhausted. XOXOXO Luve you

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