San Dionisius




Roses for Don Jose’s Birthday

Last Sunday was a day of celebration in our town and for my host family. It was the Feast Day of San Dionisius who is the patron saint of the town, the Catholic Church, and of Don Jose. It was also Don Jose’s birthday. There were many events to celebrate the auspicious day, including a family birthday celebration, Mass, first communion for a few children, a procession for San Dionisius, and a big fair that featured many bands in the plaza.




Can you see the rose petals encased in the netting of her communion dress?


This photo of Don Jose was taken a couple of days earlier when he was offering me a lemonade. He and his wife, Doña Irma, are such lovely people with a great sense of humor.


Doña Irma prepared a beautiful meal for Don Jose, family and friends. After his birthday celebration, we returned to the church in the afternoon to see the procession of San Dionisius. His statue was carried on a very large platform by about ten men. They were accompanied by a brass band and additionally, a trio of folk musicians. The procession moved through the church and wound its way through village streets and a long curvy hill before retracing its steps back to the church. Along the way, fireworks were set off with loud explosions and smoke.




A man carrying fireworks that he just purchased.


On way downhill to the church (my friend, Cristina in the blue blouse).


In the evening, the plaza was filled with people listening to musical bands. LOUD bands playing a variety of music from marimba to rumba to salsa and more! I could feel the pulsation of the music in my heart while I tried to sleep that night. Thank goodness my party-heavy Brooklyn neighborhood prepared me for this. [It all makes sense now.] The next day, Monday, was a school holiday so there was no holding back on the festivities.

For some reason, I cannot upload my videos so I will look for a different wordpress theme that is more video friendly. Expect changes, in life and on this site.

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